Aaron Oil Company, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Board of Directors and CEO

MOBILE, AL – In the wake of Aaron Oil Company founder Daniel A. Cowart’s death last week, a Board of Directors, has been appointed along with a new Chief Executive Officer. The new Board of Directors is comprised of: Lauren Cortelyou Cowart, Cynthia Tourné Gass, James P. Teague, William Bartlett and Peter W. Colmer.

Cynthia Gass who has been with Aaron Oil for over thirty years will continue to serve as President and Chief Financial Officer of the company. Another of the new board members, James Teague, who has been employed with Aaron Oil for twenty years, was appointed as Executive Vice-President. Lauren Cowart, the widow of Dan Cowart, holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Peter Colmer of Finley, Colmer and Company, Atlanta, GA, is an expert and consultant in corporate finance and business administration. He will continue to serve as an advisor to the company and he will also sit on the Board of Directors.

Earlier this year, Aaron Oil Company, Inc. celebrated its 35th Anniversary. Many of the senior management team members have been in place for most of that time. Scott McLeod, Dan’s longtime friend and colleague, merged his company into Aaron Oil Company in 2002. He has been in the used oil industry for thirty plus years. Our Chief Operations Officer, Mitch Mace, has been with the company for over twenty years. Daryl Kennedy, Director of Aaron Oil wholly-owned subsidiary, International Hydrocarbon Services and the Mobile River Dock Operations, recently celebrated his thirtieth anniversary with Aaron Oil Company.

When asked about plans moving forward, Mrs. Gass stated: “Our senior management team that was already in place, will continue to manage the day to day operations of the company as it has for many years.”

“Dan grew this company well beyond what many would have expected in this business. He had a remarkable ability to anticipate changes and shifts in the industry. That’s what led him to make several large capital investments in new growth opportunities over the last few years. We have the structure in place; now we are going to maximize its potential in the coming years.”

Aaron Oil Company, Inc. Announces the Death of Its CEO and Founder, Daniel A. Cowart

MOBILE, AL – With a heavy heart, Aaron Oil Company, Inc. announces that Daniel A. Cowart, its founder and CEO, passed away on December 13, 2016, after a brief illness. Dan is survived by his wife, Lauren, father, Bob, son, Zack, brothers, sisters, and a large extended family. His passion for recycling, reclamation and petroleum production led Dan to grow Aaron Oil Company from a one-truck operation in 1981 to being listed for six consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in the country by Inc. 5000. In 2014, Dan founded International Hydrocarbon Services, LLC as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aaron Oil Company. He also founded International Used Oil Research Institute in 1995, which is based in Washington, D.C. Dan was also past president of the National Oil Recycler’s Association and served on its Board of Directors.

Dan celebrated his entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, Dan was a man of great faith. Earlier this year, Aaron Oil Company, Inc. celebrated its 35thAnniversary. When asked, what contributed most to Aaron Oil’s 35 years of success, Dan did not hesitate in his response: “Our faith in God; Biblical principles, Godly mentors who have provided us great wisdom over the years; prayerful decisions; our team of employees that is committed to a vision, mission and long-term strategic plan that we all believe in; and last, but not least, our customers who choose to do business with us over others in the marketplace.”

Dan’s enthusiasm was contagious. He was known for his positive outlook as well as for his joy and exuberance. Because of his pioneer spirit and courage, Dan was an avid learner and explorer. He believed that the people perish where there is a lack of vision, and so he never quit looking ahead for the Company and our nation. Dan quietly gave of his time, resources and energy to many causes and many individuals. Dan was an accomplished musician, and he founded Fellowship Ministries in 1980 which grew to include other ministries under its umbrella such as Audio Outreach International and The Freedom and Family Tour. His passion was saving souls by taking inspirational country music to radio, military, and NASCAR events.

Dan’s leadership will be missed, but more than that his friendship, wisdom and relentless sense of humor will leave a hole in all our lives. Being the visionary he was, Dan put a succession plan in place to facilitate the continued growth and success of Aaron Oil Company and International Hydrocarbon Services for many years to come. The management and employees are dedicated to continuing Dan’s legacy.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Dan’s family in this sad time.