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Other Disposal Services

Antifreeze, Coolants and Wastewater Disposal
Aaron Oil is permitted to transport, treat and dispose of all oily wastewater, antifreeze, coolants and other specific wastewater sources listed in our SID permit.

All of the antifreeze, coolants, and other approved wastewater we manage for our customers are carefully monitored and treated in compliance with the new CWT water discharge requirements and State Indirect Discharge permits. All antifreeze and coolants meeting content requirements for recycling are recycled. Our company uses a third-party laboratory to perform all testing on the treated water and non-recyclable antifreeze and coolants discharged under our SID permit.

Used Oil and Petroleum Fuel Contaminated Absorbents
Petroleum fuel contaminated absorbents are becoming a growing and challenging product stream in land-based and offshore petroleum operations. More than 500,000 drum-equivalents of these soft absorbent materials are generated in the U.S. annually. Most of that volume is sent to landfills in hopes that it will not be retrieved or scrutinized for future liability.

Aaron Oil Company believes the best way to protect our customers who generate this material is to take a quality approach to managing these streams, effectively reclaiming product from these materials and generating energy with the residuals. We analyze all streams for TCLP/RCI compliance in accordance with RCRA, as well as energy content and fuel (BTU) value, and then completely reclaim all materials in this stream for beneficial reuse.

Our cradle-to-grave BAR CODE tracking and compliance system follows these materials from collection through total reclamation at our processing facilities. We do not landfill your used absorbents like most recycling operations. We have developed a whole new management approach minimizing potential liability through our beneficial reuse program.

We offer you collection options for absorbents ranging from drum programs through industrial-quality or offshore specification collector box and roll-off programs. Our transportation network collects absorbents across the U.S. or your company can deliver directly to us. Let Aaron Oil show you how we can be your best value, wherever you may be located in the continental U.S.

Parts Washers
Millions of gallons of hazardous waste are generated annually by outdated parts cleaning a practice which is why Aaron Oil Company has partnered with System One Technologies. The recycling unit is a powerful micro-refinery, which typically eliminates one ton (300 gallons) of hazardous waste per year.


System One delivers what no other competing products or services can:

  • Recovers 100% of cleaning solvents, and eliminates 100% of hazardous solvent waste
  • Clean solvent, “On Demand, every day GUARANTEED”

Since 1981, we have been committed to finding innovative processes to help our customers achieve new standards in pollution prevention and productivity. We stand by our mission statement: To be the highest Quality, Service and Customer Oriented Used Oil and Petroleum Reclamation Organization in America, and to develop and maintain a working environment that both challenges and motivates our people to establish the highest operating standards in the industry.

Transportation and Dispatch
Aaron Oil Company employs the most up-to-date fleets of bobtail and tractor-trailer tankers in the industry. Equipped with the latest GPS technology for DOT regulatory compliance, service efficiency trip documentation, ANALYSIS EQUIPMENT AND VOLUME DETERMINATION TECHNOLOGIES IN THE INDUSTRY, Aaron Oil is able to provide customers with all the documents and tracking needed for full regulatory compliance as well as other data needs.

Aaron Oil has dispatch operations 24 hours each day at each of its locations to assist customers and schedule services including emergency response.

In 1981 Aaron Oil became one of the first used oil service providers in the nation to computerize its scheduling of routes. Today, after many improvements, Aaron Oil Company employs the latest in cutting edge proprietary route management software in the industry to minimize customer workload and tank reporting requirements. This system is truly a complete cradle-to-grave tracking tool second to none.

Lab and Analytical Services
Aaron Oil provides customers with the highest level of control and quality analysis in the industry. Our laboratory program exists to provide certainty to our customers that compliant streams are received, documented and managed for complete cradle-to-grave tracking and certification. Quality control and quality assurance procedures from our certified third party laboratories are reviewed and audited by both our qualified compliance staff and our outside auditors to ensure compliance.

Aaron Oil Company’s in-house laboratory uses the latest high-tech analytical equipment for fast, efficient and comprehensive analytical results. Our laboratory serves as an independent entity – to audit each truckload of used oil for compliance with requirements from federal, state and local regulatory agencies. A complete line of analysis and testing is provided by certified and trained lab technicians, who use the required methods for valid and standardized test results.

For all product disbursements to customers and all processed materials prior to shipments to the end markets, Aaron Oil employs third-party certified laboratories to ensure compliance with regulatory and customer specifications as added protection to our customers.

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