Aaron Oil Company, Inc. Announces 35th Anniversary Celebration

MOBILE, AL– On Friday, August 5, 2016, locally owned Aaron Oil Company, Inc. will celebrate 35 years of providing oil recycling and environmental services to our community. The celebration will be held for the Company’s employees and their families at the GulfQuest Maritime Museum in Mobile, AL. In honor of Aaron Oil’s historic contribution to our city’s economic progress, the RSA and GulfQuest Maritime Museum are commemorating this special occasion by lighting their downtown buildings in red, Aaron Oil’s Company’s logo color.

Aaron Oil Founder and CEO Dan Cowart, a native Mobilian stated: “We are very thankful and grateful for the City’s support of our 35 years of history as a Mobile, AL corporation. We look forward to celebrating, not only Aaron Oil’s history, but also to give our employees, their families and our guests the opportunity to visit the newly completed GulfQuest Maritime Museum on the Mobile River. As The Port of Mobile continues to expand, the maritime industry is very important to our future, the global economy and the future of our great city.”  When asked what has contributed most to Aaron Oil’s 35 years of success, the Founder and CEO does not hesitate in his response: “Our faith in God; Biblical principles, Godly mentors who have provided us great wisdom over the years; prayerful decisions; our team of employees that is committed to a vision, mission and long-term strategic plan that we all believe in; and last by not least, our customers who choose to do business with us over others in the marketplace.