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Pipeline and Terminal Services

In 1998, Aaron Oil pioneered the EPA compliant petroleum fuel reclamation processes. This allows major oil company customers an option to effectively reclaim off-specification petroleum fuel products and tank bottoms, as well as other petroleum contaminated materials, as an alternative to hazardous waste disposal. Our processes and programs are approved in writing by the EPA and in almost every state in the nation.

Today, other companies are following with similar claims – with one notable exception:

Our process of petroleum terminal and pipeline off-specification fuel materials effectively meets the specific EPA compliance requirements to operate under applicable RCRA exclusions.

Record keeping and documentation are critical to claim the RCRA exclusions. Who you choose for your reclamation needs should be audited to confirm legitimate reclamation is taking place, and that contracts exist for beneficial use of all recovered products. If these actions are not occurring and you are audited, you could lose the exclusion under RCRA and could be in violation of requirements which could result in fines. This is critical to any company’s waste reduction and waste minimization goals.

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