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System One Parts Washer

Parts Washer

Aaron Oil understands the growing importance of maintaining regulatory standards as well as the significance of implementing environmentally sustainable goals and practices. AOC is committed to the development and implementation of one of the highest quality processes to maximize our contribution of services to the environmental economy. This is why our partnership with SystemOne Technologies is so successful. We offer our customers the most technologically advanced parts washers available in the industry today. We believe that in order to truly excel in the used oil industry we must ensure our customers have access to the best and most reliable products and services. Together System One and Aaron Oil are helping to achieve new standards of productivity and pollution prevention across a broad industrial spectrum.

Benefits of Using a Series S SystemOne Parts Washer

  • Recovers 100% of cleaning solvents
  • Eliminates 100% of hazardous solvent waste
  • Significantly reduces operational costs while improving sustainability goals
  • Eliminates dependence on costly waste recovery services
  • Pure solvent “on-demand” at the touch of a button up to 4x per day plus 24/7 automated programmable recycling
  • No filters, additives, rust inhibitors, detergents, lubricants or other perpetual costs of any kind
  • Oily residue is typically classified non-hazardous and is generally placed with waste oil
  • Utilizes VOC free solvents interchangeably with standard mineral spirits
  • Retains crystal clear, pure solvents characteristics on demand
  • Certified with 300+ independent lab tests