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How the Integrated Micro-Refinery Works

– Clean solvent at the touch of a button… up to 4x per day

– Fully automated

– Retains crystal clear, pure solvent characteristics… perpetually

– Recycling down time under 4 minutes no filters of any kind to replace

– Oily residue is typically non-hazardous

  • Certified with over 300 independant lab test
  • Can generally be places with waste oil

System One Micro Refinery Flowchart

Transfer Process (4 mins.)

  1. Dirty solvent is flushed into the distillation chamber
  2. Clean solvent transfers into wash basin and is available for immediate use.

Recycle Process (4 hrs.)

  1. Dirty solvent is heated under vacuum to vapor point
  2. Solvent is vaporized.
  3. Oily residue is separated from vaporized solvent for periodic removal