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Railcar Operations

AOC performs railcar cleaning services as well as other services based on specific customer needs. Unlike other railcar cleaning facilities, we focus on meeting the needs of the crude hauling, fuel hauling railcars. AOC reclaims all products as non-hazardous materials, under specific reclamation/solid waste regulatory exclusions unique to AOC. All recovered product and materials are transported to our fully automated processing plant in Saraland, AL. In addition to the massive wash capability, all wash fluids are recovered and processed through our in-house water treatment system that is permitted as a (CWT) facility under the Federal Clean Water Act as well as state and local (POTW) regulations.

Our railcar cleaning operation follows very specific procedures to ensure the safest and most environmentally protective crude oil railcar cleaning operation in North America. Our facility is the only certified ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 in the world. With the safety and regulatory compliance challenges facing this industry, these procedures first begin with a unique de-gassing process capable of capturing VOCs from each railcar and burning them through a combustible engine meeting new Clean Air Act requirements. Each railcar is then cleaned with our high speed automated cleaning and blasting technologies and proprietary processes by a team of technicians trained to ensure the safest and regulatory operations.

         Aaron Oil Railcar Services

  • De-gassing of railcars
  • Railcar tank cleaning (hydro-blasting and washing)
  • Third-party inspections and cleaning certificates including black light inspections
  • CSX connections
  • Barge access
  • Whole unit train capacity in railcar cleaning area
  • Cleaning up to 15-20 railcars per day (subject to cleaning spec)
  • Storage capacity of up to 1,500 cars (subject to availability)
  • Permitted centralized waste water treatment processing facility
  • Fully automated crude oil reclamation facility/recovered product RCRA regulatory exclusion
  • ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified
  • General railcar tank repairs

Certified under the most stringent environmental, health and safety standards in the world, with over 35 years of experience and approved by almost every major oil company in the world makes AOC’s railcar cleaning operation the largest, safest, and most efficient operation in North America.

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